Mush is a Brooklyn based rug company infusing the ordinary with otherworldly comfort.

Founded by Jacob Winter and Franki Peroff in November of 2020. Mush Studios' rugs create a sense of playfulness and familiarity by drawing from simplistic, fluid shapes that feel relatable and imaginative. Mush introduces a new dimension of home decor by marrying an immersive, elevated visual spectacle with comfort you can feel. Their products and singular vision re-define the limits of modern home decor.

Jacob and Franki met in 2015 when Franki moved to New York City from Florida. Jacob studied marketing while Franki worked in fashion, but the two always had a passion for business. In June of 2020, Jacob and Franki started rug tufting as a therapeutic hobby during quarantine and began tufting and designing full time. The two fell in love with the design aspect of rug making and really focused on taking their rugs to a new level and officially started Mush Studios in November of 2020. 

What inspires us?

A lot of our inspiration actually comes from what resides inside of us already. We can scavenge the internet for cool textural experiences or abstract patterns, but nothing will amount to the inspiration that exists in our own imagination. Even deeper than that, we channel the imagination of our inner child, where limits do not exist like they do in our adult brains. Understanding the true power of our imagination has allowed us to really think outside of the box to create, innovate and inspire us in everything we do.